Lily Collins

John Singleton will direct Taylor Lautner in ABDUCTION

John Singleton will be directing Twilight star Taylor Lautner in the much anticipated action-suspense film Abduction. 

Abduction is about a teenager named Nathan “who has long felt disconnected from his parents, and figures out why. That unleashes a chain of violent events.”  He goes on to discover his own baby picture on a missing persons website, unlocking the first clue in a large conspiracy that involves him being stolen as a baby by his current parents.

This should be a nice film project for Taylor Lautner to finally play the leading man.  It's been getting a lot of hype and even promises to offer as much action and suspense as the Bourne spy films.  Director John Singleton should be excited as well to be chosen for this project.  He already has an impressive portfolio of films he directed such as Boyz In Tha Hood, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Four Brothers.  So many have confidence he will be able to make this film a good one for movie-goers. 

Release Date:  September 23, 2011