New Television Station: Centric


I was flipping through channels two days ago and came across Centric.  It's a new television station targeting Black people (excuse me, African Americans) between the ages of 25-54.  I can't remember exactly what show was playing that made me stop on this channel.  But I got so excited when I realized their was a new channel for Black people on television as opposed to BET.  So I performed my usual web surfing and came across an article on Multichannel News that pretty much crushed me.  Apparently, Centric is owned by Viacom. 

Now for those of you who don't know, Viacom is the owner of BET.  Viacom also owns brands such MTV, VH1, CMT, Spike, Comedy Central, Logo, and Nickelodeon.  Basically they own just about every advertising demographic on television and then some.  I'm not saying this is bad.  It's phenomenal.  As an entertainment conglomerate, they have strategically put themselves in a position where I don't see any other television/media companies being able to compete with their huge television station portfolio.  My only issue is, Viacom, why do you need another television station targeted towards a Black demographic when you have BET which obviously could use a makeover.  OK, ok, ok.... so in the last couple of years BET has finally gotten some decent, new original programming.  Actually, you know what?  I'm not going to even get into a rant about BET.  We'll save that for another blog.  To be continued...   Let's talk some more about Centric.

Since Centric is in its beginning stages, the majority of programming is syndicated shows like American Gangster, Played by Fame, Brothers to Brutha, Miami Vice, Homicide: Life on the Street, The Steve Harvey Show, and Montel Williams.   And many of these shows originally ran on BET.  One show that appears on Centric which has aired on BETJazz is Leading Men and Leading Women.  It's a nice documentary series about the lives of Black entertainers and professionals such as Boris Kudjoe, Sherri Shepherd, and Hill Harper.  Some more upcoming shows are Keeping Up With the Joneses about a young entrepreneur starting an upscale fashion magazine in Houston, Texas and  Model City which follows up-and-coming models in New York City.


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